Wagon Wheels in the Garden

Spring is in full swing, and nothing says Spring like beautiful flowers in full bloom. Pansies and petunias may brighten up your garden beds with color, but a little whimsy goes a long way in making your garden stand out from the neighbors’. Old wagon wheels – or even modern reproductions – look great in any country garden, and the photos below may provide a little inspiration if you’re able to get your hands on one of these treasured remnants of the past.

In this barnyard corner, the metal of the wagon wheel and the galvanized trough provide a great contrast to the natural beauty of the planted flowers:

Rusted wagon wheel in barnyard corner vignette
Photo source

This all-wooden Amish wagon wheel makes a stately backdrop for this colorful display of pink and purple petunias:

Wooden Amish wagon wheel in garden
Photo source

Black-eyed Susans look great against this oversized metal wagon wheel:

Black-eyed Susans against wagon wheel backdrop
Photo source

Sometimes you can find old wagon wheels at garage or estate sales, like the one propped up casually against a tree in this garden:

Old wagon wheel in garden
Photo source

Planting an herb garden? Old wagon wheels make a perfect framework for separating your herbs into individual planting beds. The same idea would work great with succulents as well. It makes an attractive display, and you’ll always have fresh herbs at the ready!

Wagon Wheel Herb Garden
Photo source

Wagon wheels work great as a trellis for climbing flowers and plants, especially with the wooden wheels like this one:

Wagon wheel trellis
Photo source

If you don’t have room in your yard for a flower garden, how about bring the garden to the porch? This wagon wheel works great as a backdrop for this galvanized tub planted with bright spring flowers:

Porch display with old wagon wheel
Photo source

Wagon wheels needn’t be just for Spring, either. When the flowers are done blooming, make your wagon wheel the centerpiece of a rustic Autumn display like the one below:

Rustic Autumn Display with Wagon Wheel
Photo source
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