Touring the Farms of the Key Peninsula

Autumn brings harvest season to many rural communities across the United States. It also brings farm tours in many areas, and Washington state’s Key Peninsula is no exception. On the first weekend of every October, the farms of Key Peninsula throw open their barn doors to the public for a peek into agricultural life in the Pacific Northwest. City slickers from all around head to the country for the day, taking part in hay rides and field tours, petting zoos and pumpkin patches.

This year, while fewer farms than usual participated in the annual event, it still proved to be a day full of family fun, giving folks a chance to get up close and personal with farm life and meet some new friends of the four-legged variety…



At the Packleader Farm, some of the sheep used for training herding dogs grazed in the wide open fields.

Sheep grazing in the field at the Packleader Farm


Others stayed in pens as willing participants in the “petting zoo” area, where visitors were given cups of food pellets to feed them.

Petting zoo sheep at the Packleader Farm


I was actually a little relieved that they weren’t giving tours of the inside of this old barn at the Blue Willow Farm.

Old barn at the Blue Willow Farm


Horse-handling demonstrations were part of the day’s fare.

Horse-handling demonstration


Goat’s milk soaps and other natural products were sold from booths set up at several farms.

Vendors at the Key Peninsual Farm Tour


At Bea’s Flower Farm, activities included hay rides, pony rides, and flower arranging demonstrations.

Bea's Flower Farm on Washington state's Key Peninsula


And, of course, Bea also sold flowers, which you could pick yourself from the fields.

You-pick flower fields at Bea's Flower Farm


This guy was the most interesting scarecrow of the day. I just hope he manages to get away on that bike before some kid decides he needs a candy bucket come Halloween…

Interesting scarecrow





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