The Art of Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses
Photo from Wikimedia

Perhaps the most well-known folk artist of the 20th century, Grandma Moses didn’t even start painting professionally until the age of 78. A farm wife who’d been born a farmer’s daughter, she brought to her work a special affinity for the rural life. Though her paintings were simplistic and primitive, they expressed the nostalgic charm of country living, from quilting bees and country fairs to winter storms and spring evenings.

A prolific artist, she produced over 1500 paintings in three decades, selling them for as little as $3 to $5 in the early days, to $8,000 to $10,000 as her fame increased. They’ve been reproduced on everything from greeting cards to ceramics, and used to market products ranging from coffee to cameras. Her painting “Fourth of July” was made into a postage stamp; the original hangs in the White House.

Below are just a few of the wonderful paintings created by this American icon…

Catching the Thanksgiving Turkey (1943)

Catching the Thanksgiving Turkey (Grandma Moses, 1943)


Checkered House (1943)

Checkered House (Grandma Moses, 1943)


Early Springtime on the Farm (1945)

Early Springtime on the Farm (Grandma Moses,1945)


Apple Butter Making (1944-1947)

Apple Butter Making (Grandma Moses, 1944-1947)


A Beautiful World (1948)

A Beautiful World painting by Grandma Moses


Plow Boy (1950)

Plow Boy painting by Grandma Moses


The Quilting Bee (1950)

The Quilting Bee (1950) painting by Grandma Moses


Country Fair (1950)

Country Fair (1950) painting by Grandma Moses


Morning Day on the Farm (1951)

Morning Day on the Farm (1951) painting by Grandma Moses


Taking in the Laundry (1951)

Taking in the Laundry (1951) painting by Grandma Moses

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