Small Cedar Fence Picket Storage Shed DIY Plans

One thing most homeowners will agree upon is that you can never have too much storage space. Whether it’s indoor closets to store clothing and household products, or outdoor storage to hold tools or garden equipment, we can always use more of it.

This small outdoor shed by Ana White is perfect if your needs are minimal, such as a place to store garden tools, bicycles, or even outdoor furniture during the winter months or other periods of non-use. Designed to fit nicely up against the side of your house (with just an 8″ gap), it measures about six feet wide and three feet deep – you’ll forget it’s there, except when you need it!


Although the walls are framed with 2×2 lumber, the siding is done using cedar fence boards, which look nice AND keep your costs down. Cedar holds up well against the elements, although you’ll still want to apply a stain or other sealant to keep your shed looking nice. The best part is, this shed can be built in sections, then assembled at the end – perfect if you’re short on work space.


Ready to get started? Click below for the complete plans and instructions to build this DIY Firewood Shed:

> Small Cedar Fence Picket Storage Shed DIY Plans <

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