Remembering The Waltons

Looking back over American TV shows of the past, you’d be hard-pressed to find a TV family that exemplified simple country living more so than the Waltons. This wholesome drama of the 70’s transported us back to the Depression-era and WWII years in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where the Waltons clan struggled with economic hardships as they displayed a special bond that many families can only dream of.

Below are some scenes from this beloved television series…

Dinner Time

Who can forget that kitchen table where the Walton clan gathered for every meal, enjoying that delicious home cooking and sharing stories about their day?

The Waltons at the kitchen table


Puppy Love

John-Boy had many love interests over the course of the show’s nine seasons, but the first and possibly most memorable was Marcia Woolery. We meet her here in the very first episode, and she reappears six more times over the first six seasons.

John-Boy Walton and Marcia Woolery


Godsey’s Store

No episode of “The Waltons” would be complete without a trip to Ike Godsey’s store, the only place on Walton’s Mountain where you could buy gas, mail a letter, make a phone call, pick up groceries, and of course, buy gumdrops.

The Walton kids at Ike Godsey's store


Miss Mamie & Miss Emily

The Baldwin Sisters were perhaps the most incongruous characters on the show – elderly spinster Southern belles running a moonshine operation out of their home. In this episode, “The Star”, the sisters react to the meteorite that falls through the roof and lands in their recipe room.

The Baldwin Sisters on The Waltons


The Reverend and The School Teacher

In Season Two’s “The Triangle”, a jealous John-Boy battles for Miss Hunter’s attention, challenging Reverend Fordwick to a spike-driving contest at the church picnic.

John-Boy and Reverend Fordwick in spike-driving contest



Jim-Bob shows a disapproving Grandma the school guinea pig that’s been entrusted to his care…unfortunately, the guinea pig dies and when nobody seems to care, Jim-Bob runs away. This Season 3 episode is the first one to spotlight Jim-Bob.

Jim-Bob shows Grandma his guinea pig


One More Walton?

In Season 4, when Olivia is crushed by the discovery that she can’t have any more children, her doctor suggests they take in a baby girl temporarily while the baby waits for her new adoptive home. Olivia jumps at the chance, and it doesn’t take long for the entire Walton clan to become attached.

Olivia Walton brings home baby girl


Makin’ Music

Jason, the musical genius in the family, get his first professional gig with Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang, playing honky tonks all around Jefferson County, much to the chagrin of Grandma Walton.

Jason Walton performs with Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang on The Waltons


Like Father, Like Son

Just as Miss Emily had to say goodbye to her Ashley Longworth so many years before, so also did Erin bid farewell to Ashley Jr. when he leaves Walton’s Mountain just as quickly as he arrived.

Ashley Longworth Jr. courts Erin Walton


Made for Each Other

The chemistry between Ralph Waite and Michael Learned as John and Olivia Walton was undeniable, and at one time they actually considered dating each other outside the show. According to Michael, however, they ended up deciding against it, but the on-screen connection was spot-on for the duration of the show.

John and Olivia Walton

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