Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

If you haven’t started decorating for the fall season yet, it’s not too late. Pumpkins are now in full supply at farm markets and grocery stores all across the country, and many areas have already begun seeing the changing colors of the season. You may not be the first on your block to get in the spirit, but there’s still plenty of time to hang those cornhusk wreaths and dried strawflower garlands, and we’ve got plenty of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

So, gather up some wooden crates and fresh autumn leaves in beautiful golds and oranges, and get ready to amaze all your friends and neighbors with porch displays that will make you wonder what took you so long to get started…

Wheelbarrow with Pumpkins

That wooden wheelbarrow that you filled with pots of colorful flowers during the spring and summer months can be repurposed during fall with a collection of pumpkins of different shapes and sizes and adorned with fall leaves, strawflowers, and twigs.

Wheelbarrow with pumpkins
Photo source
 Galvanized Buckets

You can find them at many home decor stores, as well as most farm store chains – stuff them with straw and add pumpkins, Indian corn, and berried twigs, and you’ve got a quick and easy fall porch centerpiece.

Galvanized bucket fall display
Photo source: Three Pixie Lane
 Fall Chrysanthemums

Fresh flowers always dress up any kind of decor, and mums in fall colors work perfectly in these wooden buckets to create a stunning display leading up the front steps of any home.

Fall Chrysanthemums
Photo source: Serendipity Refined
Grapevine Garlands & Lights

String lights aren’t just for Christmas any more….weave them through and around grapevine garlands to add a warm, welcoming feel to your autumn porch decor.

Lighted autumn front porch
Photo source: Estelle’s
A New Take on Lanterns

Decorative lanterns are a perennial favorite, and filled with small gourds and mini pumpkins they’ll make a spectacular statement on your autumn porch. If you have several, you can save a few for candles and alternate them with the pumpkin-filled ones.

Pumpkin-filled lanterns
Photo source: Home Goods
Wooden Crates

If you don’t have any old ones lying around, new wooden crates are easy enough to find in craft supply stores as well as many hardware stores, and they won’t break the bank. Use them to add height and interest to the rest of your display.

Fall Porch Display with Wooden Crate
Photo source: Crafting Chicks
Lights and Leaves

Holiday lights are once again used to dress up an autumn entry – this time woven into a fall leaf garland which you can pick up at your local craft store. In this case, all that glitters is definitely gold!

Lighted fall leaf garland
Photo source: Modern Vintage Coastal
Buckets Full of Fall

This gorgeous fall porch display combines many of the elements mentioned above – wooden buckets, pumpkins, dried flowers, leaves, and lanterns – the best of everything to greet your guests!

Fall porch display
Photo source
 Straw Bales

When decorating your porch for fall, you may find it useful and more visually appealing to place decorative items such as pumpkins and flower pots at varying heights – straw bales serve this purpose well, and add yet another element of autumn to your display.

Fall Porch Display with straw bales, pumpkins, and mums
Photo source: Bee of Good Cheer
 Primitive Wooden Signs

Handcrafted wooden signs come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are exactly alike. You can find them online on websites like Etsy or Ebay, or at local craft fairs and brick-and-mortar boutiques. Pair them up with other rustic elements of your fall porch display, and you’ve got a winner!

Wooden signs in a fall porch display
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