Bringing the Old West Indoors

You don’t have to live on the Ponderosa to surround yourself with the trappings of the Old West – your tract home in suburban Ohio can look just as rustic and charming as the Cartwright place, if you put your mind to it. You needn’t spend a lot of money, either – local thrift stores can be a great source for inexpensive cast-offs that, with a little creativity, you can turn into beautiful western accent pieces. With a little more money in your budget, you might scour the antique stores for unique treasures, or shop online at the myriad of western-themed stores offering everything from Aztec blankets to antler chandeliers. Whatever the case, the sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating your home with an Old West theme, and the photos below will get you headed in the right direction.

Rustic signs are always a great way to add a Western touch to your home, like this handcrafted Olde Bathhouse sign from The Montana Homestead:

Olde Bathhouse Sign
Photo source: The Montana Homestead


Wood that shows the ravages of time, like these hand-carved switchplates from Rustic Wood Studio, always work well in a Western-themed home:

Old West switchplates
Photo source: Rustic Wood Studio


Color choice is also important in Old West decor – the turquoise/teal weathered finish contrasts beautifully with the stained wood on this refinished antique sideboard, a technique that the crafty DIY person can duplicate for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase this piece outright:

Antique sideboard
Photo source: European Paint Finishes


Sliding barn doors are all the rage these days, and have been used to close off bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, and kitchen pantries like the one pictured below. Typically they are made from barn wood or other reclaimed lumber, but when such materials are not available, they can be constructed from wood that’s been distressed and/or stained to give the effect of reclaimed wood.

Pantry Barn Door
Photo source: Country Living


Saloon doors are a must for your western-themed decor, and if you can’t find (or afford) genuine Old West saloon doors, find a handy friend to craft a set for you. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes – the ones pictured below were purchased on eBay, and are actually old Irish pub doors:

Western saloon doors
Photo source: Living in Media


This western pallet wood picture frame is a great DIY project, utilizing two ready-made rustic picture frames, a few horseshoes, and several slats of pallet wood – making a larger wall-hanging that turns your family photos into wall art:

Western Pallet Wood Picture Frame
Photo source: Pinterest


If you’re incorporating the Old West look in your home, don’t skimp when it comes to the bedroom – a number of bedding manufacturers have come out patterns and designs that incorporate bold colors with fringe trim, cording, conchos, studs and grommets for a true western decorator look, as with this Cheyenne Red Western Bedding set below:

Cheyenne Red Western Bedding
Photo source: Delectably Yours


Of course, if money is no object, you can really go all out with your Old West decor – this Western Pub Table and Stools will run you well over four grand for the set, but what a way to make a statement!

Western Pub Table and Stools
Photo source: Wild Wings Collection


And, if you’re going to have an Old West bar, you’ll need some Old West barstools – what better way to make use of those old saddles you’ve got hanging around?

Western saddle barstools
Photo source: PaintCrazy


Need more inspiration? The remaining photos below show a variety of western-themed rooms to help you add some Old West flare to your own home:

Western bathroom decor
Photo source: Dan Joseph Architects


Old West Library
Photo source: Rinfredt Ltd.


Western-themed bathroom
Photo source: Pinterest
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