Beautiful Barns of Autumn

There’s no more perfect landscape, in our opinion, than a stately wooden barn against a backdrop of autumn reds and golds. Whether it’s sporting a new bright red paint job with white trim, or hanging onto yesterday with weathered boards of brown and gray, barns of all shapes and sizes stir a longing in all of us to spend time enjoying the peaceful tranquility of the country. We invite you to stop for a moment and soak in the beauty of fall with this collection of stunning images of barns and autumn landscapes.


Imagine driving through this canopy of golds every day to reach the big, beautiful barn that lies beyond. The stacked stone walls give the scene an even greater sense of “yesteryear”.

Autumn barn landscape
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Nothing says autumn like Vermont, and this charming little farm evokes a perfect image of New England in fall.

Vermont farm in autumn
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A beautiful big blue sky that goes on forever serves as a stunning backdrop for the autumn trees and weathered barn in this photo of a farm in Northern Michigan.

Autumn farm in northern Michigan
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When you live on a farm, there’s no need to stop the day’s work to enjoy all of autumn’s splendor.

Autumn on a farm in New Brunswick, Canada
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Quilt barns are popular in many rural areas, including West Jefferson, North Carolina, where the faded reds of this quilt barn blend beautifully with the fall foliage on the hillside beyond.

North Carolina farm in autumn
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This rustic New England farm with its autumn sugar maples epitomizes the classic fall country landscape.

Rustic New England farm with Autumn Sugar Maples
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Even from afar, this stately red Nova Scotia barn is unmistakably spectacular in its beauty. With the wide open fields and the river in the foreground, this Canadian farm is near perfect.

Red barn in autumn in Nova Scotia
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This weathered old barn tucked away in the autumn woods is as beautiful as the day it was built.

Autumn Country Barn
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